IconSiam – Bangkok’s New Destination By Daniel Herron

Bangkok's spectacular new shopping center

Iconsiam is much more than a high-end shopping complex, it is a true reflection of Thailand’s innovative designers, rich culture, delicious foods and a sense of all the provinces in this amazing country! 

IconSiam on the Chao Phraya River 
Tower residence at IconSiam
Traditional Thai Dancers – Opening Ceremonies
Alicia Keys performing live 

The evening event looked threatened as dark cloud rolled over the city in the late afternoon and by 4:00pm there was a heavy torrential downpour.  As ladies were putting on their last touches of make-up and men were adjusting their bow ties the street of Bangkok were completely flooded.

Bangkok downpour 

As guests ventured to the Chao Prada river for the crossing to the ICONSIAM complex on the other side, the rains suddenly subsided and it became a balmy night with comfortable temperatures and stars in the sky!

Upon landing on the ICONSIAM pier we meet with friends and iPhone’s were ablaze with everyone getting their selfies for online postings later that night.  It was The who’s who of Bangkok – ambassadors, corporate heads and special invited guests.

6 Levels of exclusive shops and restaurants, even luxury automobiles
Two levels of Thai designers merchandise
Thai designed handbags
interior designs by Thai’s
First official Apple Store in Thailand 
learning workshops
BMW Motorcycles and Automobiles

4000 invited guests packed the complex and the energy was electric because the performance was about to begin on the 400 meter long pier. Hundreds of traditional Thai dancers, beautifully dressed in Thai silk along with traditional Thai drummers from all over the country danced the dances from different regions of the country.  Then the highlight of the night was 15 times Grammy recording artist Alicia Keys performing live!

Following the performance 1000 drones took to the night sky to perform designs over the “river of kings.”  It was a stunning show!

Must guests ended up in one of the numerous restaurants to enjoy sharing the evening with family and friends and talk about the amazing complex which is to vast to take in all in one evening.

Some facts on ICONSIAM

The US$1.67 billion complex was constructed on a 400-metre-long stretch of the Chao Phraya River will feature 14 flagship stores of internationally renowned brands, many of them taking space in the ultra-luxury 25,000sqm glass pavilion called IconLuxe, located next to the river and featuring the longest pillarless glass facade in the world.

The development will be home to two shopping centres, whose tenants will include 188 brands and store concepts from around the world making their debut in Thailand, including duplex maisons for luxury brands.

IconSiam CEO Supoj Chaiwatsirikul says IconSiam will represent “a completely new business model for destination development” in Thailand.

“We are committed to making IconSiam a new national landmark and an exciting global destination. We have therefore placed particular emphasis on becoming the location of choice for the flagship stores of the world’s finest brands as well as introducing many firsts and innovations at the various outlets.”

The development will comprise a 750,000sqm mega-destination featuring not only two shopping precincts, but theme parks, a museum, hotel and apartment towers.

“IconSiam will excite visitors with a rich diversity of offerings, including art and culture, in addition to extraordinary dining and shopping possibilities,” said Chaiwatsirikul. “The project is co-designed and co-activated in collaboration with enterprises of all sizes and with people from all walks of life, and the benefits of the project are shared among all parties.

“We have made every participant in IconSiam – whether they be outlets selling products, or designers and artists showcasing their creations, or even neighborhood communities helping in our operations – an inseparable part of our business model and they play a part in shaping our development.”

A taste of Thai culture from around the country

Typical street food 
Floating market 

The 6th level

a ninety foot waterfall that spells ICONSIAM in the falling water

This is one of my favorite levels, more relaxed with spacious walkways around this spectacular waterfall and restaurants.

This level is a dedication to King Rama 9 one of the most loved kings of Thailand for all that he did for the country and it’s people. He was a champion of the poor and a stabilizing influence within the country.

Born in Boston he returned to Thailand and as king stressed the important of education for the country. He had a passion for photography and jazz and played the saxophone!

restaurants creatively made of rice stock
creative weaving of rice stock
cozy seating at one of the many restaurants

Thailand can be proud of this new landmark for the world to come and see. The architecture is a true testimony to the Thai’s creative and innovative style.  Plan to spend some rewarding time when you come to Bangkok and  visit this impressive modern marvel! 

Article & photography Daniel Herron – Copyright 2018


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