BOOK REVIEW – Twinkies & Beefcake, a Powerful and Captivating New Novel by T.H.Forest

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A friend of mine recently recommended that I read a newly published novel, Twinkies & Beefcake, available on AMAZON. All I was told about the book is that it is a coming-of-age story, expressed in the first-person narrative, about a gay teen-aged boy and his long journey towards self-discovery, self-acceptance and his search for true love… and that it’s a total page turner and quite sexually explicit in parts.

As a literary nerd, I deeply appreciate learning about self-published works through word of mouth, and not by way of the mega-media-money-making-machine provided by the major publishing houses. Some of my favorite all time books were originally self-published. IE: 50 Shades of Grey, The Celestine Prophecy and even my go to kitchen Bible- The Joy of Cooking. As I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited on Amazon, and Twinkies & Beefcake is currently offered at no cost with subscription, I thought, why not? I’ll give it a read…

I am so glad that I did…

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Twinkies and Beefcake, a jaw-dropping, coming-of-age tale about bullying, sex, addiction, redemption, and the longing for true love at any cost.

Robby, a sharp-witted and posh London teenager, spends his days with his best friend Dee, sharing secrets and yearning for sex and love, while also dodging the torment of bullies from his elite prep-school. When he meets the man of his dreams, he falls fast. Maybe too fast. Hailing from the dregs of Manchester, and twelve years Robby’s senior, Vas is gorgeous and irresistible, and swears he’s equally smitten with Robby. But, in the midst of their wild sexual exploration of each other, the cameras come out, as do the drugs, and the booze. Soon, Robby is in over his head: addicted, porn-famous, and still yearning for love.

Amid family tensions, trips to rehab, and finishing university, Robby’s past finally catches up to him when a bully from secondary re-enters his life and everything is exposed. Robby is forced to contend fully with the trauma of his adolescence so that he can find, and be with, his soulmate. Striving for happiness, inner-peace, and true love, Robby must decide if his sins can ever be overcome.

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Chapter 12 – Man, Oh Manchester

Vas met me at the train station in a BMW that looked to be about ten years old but was in mint condition. He kissed me across the console, pressing his tongue into my mouth before pulling back with a smile that quickly fell.
“What the fuck happened to your chin?” He frowned.
“I told you, I fell, it’s okay,” I shook my head. “Do you live far from here? I can’t wait to be alone with you,” I said in a high voice. I smiled inside at his reaction and watched him put the car in gear, pulling away from the curb with a chirp.
I knew Vas was a horndog for me, knew he couldn’t wait to see me naked any more than I could wait to see him, but once inside, when we started undressing in his small bedroom he stopped and stared at my hands, and then at the ugly bruise on my side which was a reddish purple. He looked at my face with an angry expression, one that frightened me, one that was just a glimpse of what was to come.
“Who the fuck did this to you?”
I swallowed and looked away, not wanting to give Marcus up, but loving, and not questioning, Vas’ concern. “No one Vassy, please, kiss me,” I begged softly, and kissed him, slipping my hand into his underwear.
He let me kiss him, met my tongue with his before pushing me gently away with a frown. “I mean it Robby. Who did this to you? And if you tell me you fell I will lose my shit, don’t ever lie to me.”
“Oh please, you’re surprised I get bullied? I told you,” I pulled out of his arms and stepped away. “You don’t have to feel sorry for me, you just have to take care, I’m pretty sure I have a broken rib.”
Vas’ hands went instantly to his head before clenching by his sides. “Some rich, poncy fucker broke your rib and you want me to ignore it? Who was it?” He asked in a cold voice.


Woooow! Jaw-dropping is right! There were several catch-my-breath, O. M. G. moments throughout. It also touched me personally, on so many levels. Reading Robby’s tale inspired me to reflect upon my own private journey of self-actualization, having also endured bullying in my youth, being taken advantage of by those I loved and was meant to trust, and coming through my personal ordeals with self-acceptance and inner peace. Whether straight or LGBTQIA, this novel will unquestionably resonate. I read it from cover to cover in two days, and in today’s precarious social climate, reading, supporting and sharing compelling LGBTQIA literature is more important than ever.

I 100% recommend sinking your teeth into this story.


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