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Dial M for Murder at Northlight Theater, Credit: Michael Brosilow
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When a jealous husband plots to kill his wealthy wife, his meticulous planning of the perfect murder goes awry. Alfred Hitchcock stunned audiences with the film masterpiece. Now experience the style and suspense onstage in a new theatrical update of the celebrated thriller!

Felipe Carrasco (Lesgate) and Lucy Carapetyan (Margot)

Tony marries his wife Margot for money, neglects her, gets jealous of her affair, and now he wants her dead. Come join in on every suspenseful moment at Northlight Theatre from November 30th through January 7th. 

Lucy Carapetyan (Margot) and Ryan Hallahan (Tony)

The amazing cast of Dial M for Murder includes Lucy Carapetyan (Margot), Ryan Hallahan (Tony), Elizabeth Laidlaw (Maxine), Nick Sandys (Inspector Hubbard), and Felipe Carrasco (Lesgate). 

Lucy Carapetyan (Margot)

The entire ensemble was perfect and brought the classic stage play (which also was a fantastic Hitchcock film) to life with a fresh adaptation and twist. Caraetyan as Margot Wendice, the wealthy wife of Tony Wendice (who really wants Margot’s money without the wife part), was believable as a woman who wants to be freed from her loveless, convenient marriage. She played Margot with at first a delicate vulnerability, yet also emotional fierceness. Hallahan as Tony portrayed the part of the husband on the outside very well, while also hiding his dark and disturbing tendencies just as well, slowly revieling his inner layers throughout the play.

Lucy Carapetyan (Margot) and Elizabeth Laidlaw (Maxine)

Laidlaw stars as Maxine Hadley, a successful female writer and associate of Tony’s, while also playing the lover of Margot (one of the new twists in this latest adaptation and taboo in 1950s America). For me personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Sandys as Inspector Hubbard, whose performance included a mixture of over the top drama, humor and professional inquisitiveness. As he got deeper and deeper into the mystery that takes place onstage, you could not help but sit on the edge of your seat with bated breath, waiting for the next part to be solved and explained. 

Nick Sandys (Inspector Hubbard), Ryan Hallahan (Tony) and Lucy Carapetyan (Margot),

The Creative Team behind Dial M for Murder includes Mara Zinky (Set Design), Raquel Adorno (Costume Design), Eric Watkins (Light Design), and Chris Kriz (Original Music & Sound Design), and Katie Klemme (Stage Manager). This impressive team created a one-stage 1950s living room set that does not change throughout the show, though the audience does not know what exactly is going to happen next. 

Felipe Carrasco (Lesgate) and Ryan Hallahan (Tony)

The costumes were also simple, yet believable for the time period (inspired by the Hitchcock film). The joint forces of a simplistic, static set and props also helped keep the main focus on the escalating plot and ensuing dialogue, which brought intrigue and interest to the story itself. However, pointed moments of dramatic lighting and silence assisted with highlighting certain moments of tension and uncertainty along the way.

Lucy Carapetyan (Margot) and Ryan Hallahan (Tony)

Dial M for Murder is a cerebral play; a mystery that links together various clues, leading the audience to a rather nail biting, epiphanous conclusion. Without giving away the entire plot, the story involves a secret affair, which sparks an elaborate plan for a vengeful murder, which then slowly becomes unraveled over the course of the play. Overall, between the characters’ development and its intentionally thin veil between the plot and story’s circumstances, this new version of Dial M for Murder will keep the audience engaged and emotionally invested until the climactic final scene. This clever adaption is well worth the watch.

Photos: Michael Brosilow

For more information or to get tickets, please visit the Northlight Theater website, or call the box office at 847.673.6300.

Dial M for Murder is now extended through January 7, 2024.

Northlight Theatre

9501 Skokie Blvd

Skokie, Illinois 60077


Regular run: $49-$89

Student tickets are $15, any performance (subject to availability)


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