Elephant Room, Dust from the Stars Review – Giving Anti-gravity a New Meaning

Trey Lyford, Steve Cuiffo, and Geoff Sobelle in ELEPHANT ROOM: DUST FROM THE STARS - Photo courtesy of Center Theatre Group
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When three magicians turn asto-nuts, the audience is in for a treat. Center Theatre Group (CTG) Creative Collective members Steve Cuiffo, Trey Lyford, and Geoff Sobelle bring ELEPHANT ROOM: DUST FROM THE STARS to the digital stage from December 16 through December 20, 2020. The show was developed with assistance and residencies from St. Ann’s Warehouse with additional support from the Orchard Project; it was part of the 2020 Philadelphia Fringe Festival. The live, interactive sci-fi sequel to “Elephant Room,” which was presented at the Kirk Douglas Theatre in 2012, promises to offer lots of belly laughs to the lucky participants.

ELEPHANT ROOM: DUST FROM THE STARS – Poster courtesy of Center Theatre Group

Presented on Zoom as the Magic Society Meeting for the Elephant Room Society, each and every audience member shares space with the three wacky (and very spacy) magicians as they demonstrate some clever close magic while berating their “livestock” members for questionable clean-up practices behind their bunnies and birds. But housekeeping will soon lose its edge as the three crazed magicians decide to venture into ESP, the meaning of life, and the tourists’ guide to space travel. Floating through life will soon take on a new meaning.

ELEPHANT ROOM: DUST FROM THE STARS – Poster courtesy of Center Theatre Group

ELEPHANT ROOM: DUST FROM THE STARS is a clever and very interactive entry into CTG’s digital productions. In fact, some “special effects” are pretty impressive as the trio wander through theater ruins and begin to realize that “we may not be alone in the universe.” The occasional glitches in the feed make the production even more “here and now.” For fans of “Elephant Room,” this sequel is sure to delight and entertain.

Trey Lyford, Geoff Sobelle, and Steve Cuiffo – Photo by Maria Baranova-Suzuki.

ELEPHANT ROOM: DUST FROM THE STARS is free to CTG subscribers and supporters and $10 for all others. Visit Center Theatre Group for further information. Tickets are available online for these live performances.


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